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    Jean-Louis Law is here to help you take your business to the next level. We break down complex legal processes so you are aware of each step of the process and know what to expect.
    For your convenience and budget planning, we provide some legal services on a flat-fee basis and payment plans.
    New York Entities

    • New York Corporation Formation

    • New York Corporate Bylaws

    • New York LLC Formation

    • New York LLC Publication

    • New York Entity Dissolution

    • New York Professional LLC Formation

    • New York Professional Corporation

    • Foreign LLC Qualification

    Delaware Entities

    • Delaware Corporation Formation

    • Delaware Corporate Bylaws

    • Delaware LLC Formation

    • Delaware LLC Operating Agreements

    • Delaware Entity Dissolution

    Intellectual Property 

    • Copyright & Trademark Registration

    • Copyright & Trademark Assignment

    • Copyright & Trademark Licensing

    • Copyright & Trademark Cease and Desist Letters

    • Copyright Work-for-Hire Agreements

    • Trademark Search

    • Trademark Analysis

    • Trademark Maintenance


    • Contract Drafting

    • Contract Review

    • Contract Negotation

    • Employment Agreements

    • Independent Contractor Agreements

    • Non-Compete Agreements

    • Non-Disclosure Agreements

    • Work-for-Hire Agreements

    • LLC Operating Agreements

    Entertainment & Media

    • Creative Entrepreneurs

    • Content Creators

    • Influencers 

    • ​Podcasts

    • Blogs

    • Dance 

    • Music 

    • TV and Film

    • Right of Publicity

    Legal Counsel Services

    • Outside Legal Counsel

    • Startup Business Counsel 

    • Established Business Counsel

    • Nonprofit Corporation Counsel

    • Business Legal Strategy Session

    • Legal Research